Sacred readings

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Intuition Trust

Would you like a sacred reading to light your way forward through the month of December and beyond?

From December 4th through 18th I will pull cards for anyone who desires a one-card reading.
I will choose one card that wants to speak to you from one of several decks that are powerful and insightful all on their own.

These decks include the ...

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A Real New Year

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Day 29 ImageOn January 1st 2015 I am NOT:

  • Going on a diet
  • Starting an exercise program
  • Enrolling in a class
  • Joining a webinar
  • Or participating in any of the hundreds of “must do” things that are being pushed right now.

Want to know why not?

Because in Seattle January 1st is winter time!

Because winter time is NOT the time to start things.

Having an abrupt end to ...

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Seeing the Rabbit on YOUR Path

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Diane Easley offers messages about clarifying your lifeToday, this lovely story came to me through the wonders of e-mail (and my subscription to Joan Chittister’s newsletter) and I thought it was SUCH a good reminder that YOU would enjoy it too:

A New Year’s Gift

My gift to you is always a story; something to think about more than once; something to keep your mind alive and touch ...

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