Leap Forward Day

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2016 is a leap year!

This means that each of us has an extra 24 hours or 1440 minutes this month.

How do you plan to spend your bonus time?

Will you use this extra day to just do what you typically do?  


Will you seize a precious opportunity that only occurs once every four years and make some change in your life?


By choosing to take time to nourish yourself and join  in the Leap Forward Day as part of the Opulent Life Lounge!

Is there a project that IF YOU FINISHED IT would help you leap forward in your life or business?

How about spending some time doing just that?

Join me for the 2016

Leap Forward day:

Monday February 29th

11am – 3pm

At a serene and vibrant teaching space in Lake Forest Park

Gourmet lunch is included – remember my husband is a trained, professional chef and will make sure we have wonderful, nourishing food available.

Tea, chocolate and sparkly drinks are included.

Bring projects that you would like to work on.  You will actually work ON your projects AND receive feedback and support from me for anything that might need a bit of magic.

A bit of focused time and attention, some wonderful food and the energy of my space will conspire to help you in ways you can only imagine!

This is for a SMALL group. So, do sign up as soon as you can because when the spots are filled they are filled!  And you don’t want to wait another 4 years for this kind of magic, do you?

Join me, you will be glad you did.


As a bonus for doing your work, you can join me for the Champagne, Chocolate and Snacks part of the day for just $20!

Don’t have time during the day on February 29th, but want to take advantage of the Leap Forward energy?

Please join us for:

Champagne, Chocolate & Snacks: 4:00-7:00pm on Monday February 29th.  

We will explore the underlying secrets to ensure success in having everything you want in your life.

 Under my tutelage, you will begin to identify and remove your own personal blocks and get the kick start you need for glorious changes to occur.

 We will have some nibbles to feed the body, chocolates to feed the heart and sparkling drinks to feed the soul. 

I do look forward to spending all or part of this extra day with YOU.

I am the Chief Inspiration Officer at the BE YOU School and have been helping people realize their goals and actualize their dreams for over 25 years. Whatever your dreams and aspirations are, I can help you bring them out of the realm of wishing and into reality.

 You have all the power you need. I am here to help you tap into it.


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