Create the Life YOU Want!

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A Day for YOU

If you are hungry for more time, ease, beauty and grace.

If you desire to be bolder and more sparkly every day.

If you long to express yourself fully and leave the years of hiding parts of yourself behind.

If you want to feel fully connected and live your life with more fabulousness.

Join me for a Create the Life YOU Want Day where you will learn, or perhaps re-learn in a deeper, more powerful way:

  • How to embrace your tribe AND be embraced right back, in a profound, lasting way.
  • How to rid yourself of the insidious Imposter Syndrome once and for all
  • How to get off the “busy” train!
  • Why having money is absolutely essential to live the life you want. The amount truly needed may surprise you!
  • How upgrading your self-image and what you believe to be true about the world around you, is the key to lasting change.
  • How to consistently focus on the positive no matter what.
  • How to step into the spotlight of your life.

In the end you will have concrete steps for YOU to put in place in YOUR life that WILL create more ease, flow, grace, abundance and business success no matter how successful you currently are now.

You will also learn how to truly celebrate Champagne Friday by experiencing the event for yourself!

Join me in Tucson, Arizona on Sunday, April 10th from 10am to 4pm.


  • A wonderful day filled with fun, insights, powerful content, super surprises and many AHA moments!
  • Coffee, tea and light snacks in the morning.
  • Gourmet lunch
  • Champagne, sparkly drinks and light appetizers to end your day.

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