Letting Go Of Anxiety

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Scream carA friend recently mentioned she was experiencing anxiety and that it was a regular occurrence. So, I thought I would let you know what I do when I am anxious:

When I am anxious I tune in to:

  • Every twinge in my body:

My arm hurts…..perhaps I am having a heart attack!  I can’t catch my breath…..I probably have pneumonia!  My stomach is upset…..I probably ...

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praying on grass

Attention is a form of prayer.

Here is a poem about attention.

You may have read it before.

I invite you to read it again.

I invite you to share it with those you love.

I invite you to pay attention to one thing.

I invite you to pay attention to you.



The Summer Day

by Mary Oliver

Who made the world?
Who made ...

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30 Days of Fascination

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Fascinate – verb – to attract and delight by arousing or curiosity, to render motionless, to put under a spell

Late winter/early spring is a wonderful time to focus one’s attention on those things,people, events, natural phenomena etc that attract, delight and seem to put us under a spell.  Why? Because there is a certain power and grace inherent in going through a doorway and move from the internal, introspective period of the ...

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Practical Abundance and You

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If not now whenAre you feeling abundant in your life?


Does your bank account reflect the abundance you feel?


What do you think would happen if:


You decided to get practical about abundance once and for all?
You learned what to do to create consistent abundance in your life?
You took 4 weeks to practice some tried and true tips?


Can you imagine? Are you willing to start?


If so, please register ...

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